Trudeau will not be in Washington Wednesday for a meeting on the new free trade agreement

Trudeau ne sera pas à Washington mercredi pour la rencontre sur le nouvel accord de libre-échange

The federal prime minister Justin Trudeau would not go to Washington this week for a meeting with the presidents of Mexico and the United States on the new free trade agreement, has confirmed his office on Monday.

The prime minister had already indicated on Friday during a press conference that he was reluctant to participate in this summit marking the entry into force of the new agreement, in particular due to concerns about possible tariffs on aluminum canadian raised by the United States. “We are still in discussion with the Americans as to whether there will be a trilateral summit next week”, had been mentioned by Mr. Trudeau, on Friday.

On Monday, his office confirmed that he would not go to Washington.

“We want the United States and Mexico an excellent meeting on Wednesday, said a statement from the office of the prime minister. Although there have been recent discussions concerning a possible participation of Canada, the prime minister will be in Ottawa this week to hold meetings of the Council of ministers and to attend a session of Parliament planned for a long time.”

“We will continue to work with our NAFTA partners to ensure that this new agreement is a success for the three countries”, says it in the message.

The new Agreement U.s.-Canada-Mexico (ACEUM) entered into force on 1 July. It replaces the NAFTA, which dated back to 1994.

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