True or false: what is really going on with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Media reported that the status of the actress has improved

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Правда или ложь: что на самом деле происходит с Анастасией Заворотнюк

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk cancer

Exactly one week the public were shocked by the news that the famous Russian actress, 48-year-old Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, is seriously ill and is in intensive care. Star diagnosis “My fair nanny” – the fourth stage of brain cancer. How to change news on the status of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk during the week, and what is true?

What the media says about the disease, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk:

Some time ago, fans and colleagues of star noticed on the neck of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk scar, which is very similar to the effects of the biopsy – procedure that determines Oncology. The audience pretty quickly picked up the theme, and all began to discuss the possible illness of the actress. Despite the fact that representatives of the car crash has denied this information, the talk has not stopped, but only began to acquire new details, of course, insider.

After the star of “My fair nanny”, again, allegedly by the statements of colleagues, became less involved in the filming and work less. The very same Anastasia Zavorotnyuk claimed that he wants to spend more time with his newborn daughter. By the way, about my daughter. Baby Mila was born in October 2018, allegedly with the help of in vitro fertilization, and this fact can’t leave the audience alone. All tend to think that brain cancer Anastasia Zavorotnyuk developed against the backdrop of the IVF procedure and pregnancy. Besides, unidentified sources told the media that after the birth of her third child the star began experiencing severe headaches.

Правда или ложь: что на самом деле происходит с Анастасией Заворотнюк

The actress along with her Cute daughter and husband Peter

However, in a strange way all of a sudden forget that the news about the appearance of the Nice all not a little surprised. The fact that, according to one of the Russian producers, Zavorotnyuk starred in his movie at a time when he was supposed to be in last months of pregnancy. While the rounded belly had not seen, on the contrary, it is noted that the actress was in great shape. Anyway, Zavorotnyuk and Chernyshev did not comment on speculation.

Note, many have drawn Parallels between the stories of Jeanne Friske who died in 2015 as the result of brain cancer, two years after the birth of her son Plato. Actress did not hide a serious illness and shortly after the start of treatment made an official statement. Recently Dmitry Shepelev, the husband of Jeanne Friske, said: “Stories similar to the terrible in other parts: the birth of a child, in lightning speed of the development of the disease, but the Parallels end there, of course.”

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Disappointing djangos Anastasia learned in Germany, even in the winter, however, the filming did not. In April, the actress spent a craniotomy, but the star has increased headaches and raised blood pressure. A short time later Zavorotnyuk went to Poland, where her condition worsened and the actress was taken to one of the local clinics. Certain period the star has been under medical supervision, and then was transported to Moscow in a serious condition.

Правда или ложь: что на самом деле происходит с Анастасией Заворотнюк

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

At the same time, neither relatives nor colleagues, nor friends Anastasia, her state did not comment. Except for one person – the producer of group “Tender may” Andrei Razin. He regularly speaks to followers on Instagram, and according to some, is an informant media. Razin is the first confirmed news about the critical condition car crash. The same Razin claims that the actress tried to rejuvenate stem cells, which, according to him, provoked the emergence of a brain tumor. It should be noted, man never was in the inner circle Anastasia, but for some reason he “penetrated” her difficult situation.

But if the family Zavorotnyuk prefers not to advertise her health, why Razin? Perhaps the answer lies on the surface. “This man has decided, apparently, that Lord granted him new Arms, and he can get up on it”, – says the co-founder of Telegram channel Baza Nikita Mogutin. By the way, point of view Mogutin is shared by colleagues of Anastasia.

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In his message, the man also said that the family Zavorotnyuk banned Razin comment on her illness:

“Yes, just relatives of Anastasia forbade the producer to keep your mouth shut under the guise of source media. And a miracle! Immediately after this came the news that the car crash was transferred back to the ward, and her condition suddenly improved. But really it is not worse, and it will not be translated. Anastasia was treated, cured and kept. She’s got to be only good”, – assured Mogutin.

Правда или ложь: что на самом деле происходит с Анастасией Заворотнюк

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

And while Razin said about stem cells as the cause of cancer, doctors say that any IVF procedure, pregnancy, rejuvenation stem cells do not cause cancer. Another thing, if the tumor has already existed – during pregnancy it grows much faster. However, to say that Anastasia was basically pregnant with third child – it is impossible.

Anyway, a few days ago the news about the state Zavorotnyuk become more positive: the actress allegedly came out of the coma, was transferred from intensive care to a regular ward, and the doctors resumed her treatment. But if Anastasia fell into a coma, was in intensive care and did her complications of pneumonia and multiple organ failure, is still not known. The family of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk still not commented on her condition. Don’t have to.

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