Trump accused of wanting to destroy the us postal service for election purposes

Trump accusé de vouloir détruire la poste américaine à des fins électorales

Late mail, mailboxes removed from the streets… Donald Trump is accused by his opponents of doing everything possible to destroy the public postal service us, in order to make it impossible for a vote by correspondence which could, according to him, to encourage his opponent Joe Biden.

The presidential campaign crystallized for a few days around the u.s. postal service, the USPS, and of the reforms of drum-beating by his new boss, Louis DeJoy.

Dozens of people demonstrated in front of his home in Washington Saturday morning. “To stop the spread of the voters” (“Stop vote suppression”), pointed to a sign aloft by one of them.

Louis DeJoy, close to Donald Trump, is also a major donor to his campaign.

The reforms that he has initiated to bring in the green accounts of the post office are strongly criticised, suspected of having, in fact, for the purpose of preventing the postal voting for the presidential election on 3 November.

The opposition sees the hand of Donald Trump, candidate for re-election, crying for months for the fraud announced, if the vote by correspondence is more widely deployed this year than in the past due to the pandemic.

“We can’t let Donald Trump to destroy” the USPS (United States Postal Service), has denounced Friday on Twitter Kamala Harris, the colistière the democratic candidate for the White House Joe Biden.

“Pure Trump”

First, there is the frequent delays in mail which complain about the Americans who have raised questions.

And then the machines, considered obsolete, have been removed from the sorting centers. And some cities have seen their mailboxes disappear from the streets, as a measure of savings.

The USPS has especially recently warned the united States, according to information from the Washington Post, that she could not deliver in time millions of ballots to be counted by the 3 November.

The democrats want to bail out this public service bicentennial, including the white vans and blue can be seen wandering the roads of the United States, the door sliding open.

It is to “finance (…) of the elections safe and fair for our country,” said Nancy Pelosi, the president, democratic party of the House of representatives, in a letter to his colleagues on Saturday.

But it is not a question for Donald Trump. The president has clearly explained Thursday in an interview at the chain’s conservative Fox News that he would not bail out the USPS so that it does “not equipped” for “vote by mail generalized”, which it doesn’t.

His competitor, democrat for the White House Joe Biden was mocked: “The pure Trump. He does not want election”.

The former president Barack Obama has also reacted: “We had never before seen a president say “I’m going to get on your knees the postal service (…) and I’m going to clearly say why””.

Prepare the minds

If Donald Trump opposes the vote by correspondence, it is, according to some observers, to prepare the minds to be able to challenge a possible defeat.

“At the very least, he wants to raise enough questions that people are losing confidence,” said Mark Dimondstein, president of the canadian union of postal workers, the American Postal Workers Union (APWU).

Donald Trump also knows that this could encourage the vote of the electorate as african-americans and hispanics, more non-voters because of their situation are often more precarious. The election taking place in a week, it is necessary to leave work to go vote, and thus lose money.

It does not ignore that the voters democrats are in general more likely to vote by mail than those of his camp.

“We do not slow down not mail election, nor any other e-mail”, assured a spokesperson for the USPS, citing the financial problems of the institution.

Deficit since 2008, it has suffered for twenty years from the rise of the internet and the decline in mail volumes. Privatization is the subject of long-standing among republicans.

Donald Trump has, however, hinted on Friday for the first time, that he might resolve to open the wallet. “This is not what I want, this is what the american people want”, he said at a press conference.

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