Trump accuses a part of the Black Lives Matter call for the insurrection

Trump accuse un cadre de Black Lives Matter d'appeler à l'insurrection

Donald Trump has accused on Thursday one of the leaders of the movement Black Lives Matter, calling for the insurgency during an interview to the news channel Fox News.

“It is treason, of sedition, of insurrection!”, tweeted the us president about about about Hawk Newsome, president of the antenna in new york for BLM.

On Wednesday, the activist was explained that “if this country does not give us what we want, we will reduce this system to ashes and replace it”.

“I could figuratively as in the proper sense, it is a matter of interpretation”, he added.

He then explained that he did not encourage the riots, but he did not condemn her either.

Since the beginning of the event, Donald Trump seeks to project an image of toughness in the face of the movement.

He has often tweeted messages that appear to encourage the police to mark their territory on the street.

“Law and order!” became his slogan, a favorite on Twitter for several weeks.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, the head of the State has suggested that in New York, protesters have called for “fry like bacon” to the police.

No one had yet mentioned until now, the use of this slogan to New York since the protests began.

“The New York police are furious”, tweeted Donald Trump about this slogan.

No representative of the police of New York, on the control side or the union side, there have been no public statements on the subject.

Donald Trump was also noted that the New York city mayor Bill de Blasio had given its green light to this that the words “Black Lives Matter” are painted on the floor of the Fifth Avenue exactly in front of the Trump Tower, the home of the billionaire republican in the full Manhattan.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for the mayor confirmed to the New York Daily News that the initiative had been validated for that “every time (Donald Trump) back in what he calls his town, he recalls Black Lives Matter”.

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