Trump against Bolton: judicial duel around a book critical of the u.s. president

Trump contre Bolton: duel judiciaire autour d’un livre critique sur le président américain

WASHINGTON | “This is the book that Donald Trump does not want you to read.”

The editor, John Bolton, ex-advisor to the american president, did not believe so well to say by announcing the release of his book, which promises to be explosive for the billionaire republican: the u.s. government has committed on Tuesday a lawsuit to try to block it.

The complaint, filed with a federal court, argues that John Bolton did not approve of his manuscript upstream, and that his work is “clearly in violation of agreements it has signed as a condition of his employment and his access to information that is highly classified”.

According to the administration Trump, who occupied the strategic position of national security adviser from April 2018 to September 2019 was agreed to re-read his text, “full of classified information” that the White House asked him “removed”. But finally he decided unilaterally to announce the release of the book, called The Room Where It Happened, A White House Memoir, for the 23rd of June, without waiting for the end of the replay process.

At the transition, the government slips in his complaint that the advisor to the famous white moustache had “negotiated” her story “for an amount of approximately two million dollars”.

The release of this book eagerly awaited by the Whole of Washington was announced Friday in a press release from her publisher, Simon & Schuster, which has ensured that the author had been cooperating with the presidency to amend the original manuscript in the light of its “concerns”.

Precursor of the iron arm, the publisher had nevertheless taken care to invoke the first amendment of the u.s. constitution, which enshrines freedom of expression.

John Bolton has already recorded a television interview that should be aired Sunday by ABC.

“Doomed to failure”

Donald Trump was separated from him unceremoniously in September, the two men citing differences irreconcilable.

For the moment, a single sentence from the book has been released to the media. And she announces the color.

“I find it difficult to find a single important decision of Trump, for the duration of my duties, which has not been guided by a calculation in view of his re-election”, wrote in his memoirs, the peregrine falcon, considered a thinker of the fringe sovereignist camp republican, hostile to multilateralism and willingly going to war.

“What Bolton saw stunned: a president for that to be re-elected is the only thing that counts, even if it means to put in danger or weaken the nation,” reported the publisher.

According to this report, the real estate tycoon would have taken decisions subject to impeachment, well beyond the single case Ukrainian, which earned him an indictment for “abuse of power”, but which resulted in his acquittal by the Senate.

The book had already burst with a bang in american politics when passages had been the subject of leaks in the press in January, in the trial of impeachment.

According to these extracts initial, John Bolton, reported such a conversation last August, during which Donald Trump had explained not wanting to unblock a crucial assistance to Ukraine as it would not on his democratic opponent Joe Biden – now a candidate against him in the presidential election of 3 November.

However, it is this market presumed that was at the heart of the trial.

The powerful organization of the defence of civil rights ACLU has estimated that “any attempt of the administration to Trump to prevent the publication of the book of John Bolton” was “doomed to failure”, referring to a decision of the supreme Court against Richard Nixon declaring unconstitutional government censorship.

A former member of the national security Council with the ex-democratic president Barack Obama, Ned Price has accused on Twitter of the administration of “wanting to bury the evidence of the corruption of Trump”.

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