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Trump and the arsenal of democracy

Trump and the arsenal of democracy


I was originally planning a text about Joe Biden's happy streak. This was before the historic FBI visit to Mar-a-Lago.

For history buffs, the reference to the arsenal of democracy in the title may recall a radio address by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In 1940, FDR borrowed the expression to underline the important contribution of the American industrial machine to the Allied war effort.

In 1940, FDR also warned his fellow citizens against the threat represented by fascism. 

The threat from within

I thought about this formula when I learned that the FBI had made a major seizure at Donald Trump's home. Why? Because we must continue to protect American democracy, but this time the threat comes from within.

The 45th president left the White House bringing “by mistake” about fifteen boxes containing documents related to his administration, several classified as secret defense. Under the Presidential Records Act of 1978, he acted entirely illegally.

However, the 1978 law has some gray areas and it is difficult to imagine that Trump could be sanctioned for this fault alone. In this matter as in so many others, the 45th president is not the first to arouse controversy. The Reagans, Clintons and Bush Jr. all more or less circumvented the law.

What sets the Trump administration apart is that it didn't just play with the law , she knowingly challenged her after warnings. Apart from this other manifestation of contempt, the context surrounding the fault is not trivial. 

Trump is the first president to have encouraged an insurrection. The House of Representatives and the Department of Justice are investigating his relatives and him. Let's not forget the other investigations and trials involving the former reality TV star.

Are we still embarrassed?

The reaction of the majority of elected Republicans following the seizure is shocking. We went well beyond the usual partisan support. A judge's authorization was ignored and we still know very little about the reasons. Kevin McCarthy even threatened the Attorney General!

When a judge supports such an approach, it is usually because it is believed that a crime has occurred. Before crying conspiracy or evoking the deep state, let us remember that the Trump administration, cheerfully drawing on the mire, has produced a considerable number of thugs whose last condemned is the sinister Alex Jones, the king of the disinformation.

Fortunately, the rule of law still seems to be able to do its job. Not only have six Trump relatives ended up behind bars, but Alex Jones has just been cornered.

Let's hope now that the courts and the FBI, the same agency that investigated the emails, are left behind. of Hillary Clinton in the middle of the election campaign, to carry out their work until the end. They are important pieces of this new arsenal of democracy.

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