Trump and the cost of human lives

Trump et le coût des vies humaines

A taboo topic is at the heart of debates in the United States on the fight against the COVID-19. How much is worth a human life ?

From a moral point of view, noble, human life has no price.

The political and economic reality is different : human lives have a price policy and an economic price. The two prices are not necessarily the same.

For example, in North Korea, the human life is not worth much, neither politically nor economically. Conversely, in Canada, the human life has a great price and economic policy. Proof of that is the debt huge accumulated by governments, especially at the federal level, to combat the COVID-19. Canadian officials have preferred to close the economy, rather than risking tens of thousands of deaths.

Low price economic

In the United States, human lives have a price policy is high, as is shown in the soldiers killed in the recent wars or the death of George Floyd. But the human lives have little economic value, in particular from Donald Trump and his allies.

Not a question for them to close down the u.s. economy. According to them, the containment measures should be partial, limited and exceptional.

For Trump, the economic price of human lives is more important than their price policy. This economical price is low. The hotels, golf courses and other tourist attractions of the empire’s Trump lose a lot of money in the time of a pandemic. Too much for his taste.

So far, the pandemic has done 140 000 deaths in the United States. This number could double, and more, counting the deaths indirect. A few million people could become very ill. But what are these figures in relation to a population that has 330 million ? A point of view strictly accounting, in a perspective that monstrously cold, these figures do not represent much of anything.

But the United States is not a dictatorship cold. For the population, the political price in human lives, remains extremely high. However, by a curious coincidence, the elections arrive in November. Trump will be judged as much on its economic performance than on the performance of the heart. However, one and the other are very bad.

Dry heart

Trump can’t offer the image of a leader is generous. He has made his lack of heart a trademark. But at least, he would like the economy to restart. However, for this, it is necessary to déconfiner. Except that many Americans are afraid to return to work.

The surveys indicate that intentions to vote for Trump are declining. But the rate of satisfaction with its location remains around 42 %.

The sick and the dead of the COVID-19 are a very bad publicity for Trump. More and more Americans hold responsible for the effects of the pandemic. It is this risk of losing it. In short, he under-estimated the cost of american lives.

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