Trump announces the deployment of “thousands” of soldiers and police in Washington

Trump annonce le déploiement de «milliers» de soldats et policiers à Washington

President Donald Trump promised Monday to restore order in an America in the throes of a surge of anger history, threatening to deploy the army if the cities and States did not stop the violence.

He first said that “justice had to be rendered” after the death of this African-American, who died during his arrest by four police officers in Minneapolis.

But it quickly condemned the violence and tensions that affected several major cities in the United States for several days, denouncing acts of “domestic terrorism”.

Scheduled at 18: 30, speaking of the american president has been shifted for long minutes while the police in Washington tried to disperse the protesters gathered near the White House.

It was also possible to hear the noise of the firing of tear gas or the slogans of the protesters during his speech.

In response, the us president announced the deployment of “thousands of heavily armed soldiers” and police in the capital of the u.s., finding that the disorders of the day before in the federal capital were “a disgrace”.

Calling on the governors to take the necessary measures to “drive the streets”, and denouncing acts of “domestic terrorism”, Trump has promised to restore the order in the United States.

The White House, the seat of the executive, an american, was diving in the dark in the night from Sunday to Monday in the middle of the protesters and outbreaks of fire.

Several hundred protesters were in the vicinity of the building prior to the speech of the president, while a curfew has been established to 19h in the federal capital american.

After his speech, the american president has moved, on foot, to the church of Saint John, landmark building near the White House, and who has been demoted on Sunday evening on the sidelines of a demonstration against racism.

“We have a great country,” he said, a bible in his hand.

“It is the largest country in the world. And we’ll guarantee his safety,” he added a little later, joined in front of the building, in particular by the minister of Justice, Bill Barr, and by the spokesman of the White House, Kayleigh McEnany.

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