Trump announces to designate the movement “Antifa” as a terrorist organization

Trump annonce vouloir désigner la mouvance « Antifa » comme organisation terroriste

The us president, Donald Trump, announced on Sunday that his administration would register the movement of extreme left-wing “antifa” (anti-fascist), on its us list of terrorist organizations.

“The United States will register Antifa in the category of terrorist organizations”, tweeted Mr Trump, who has attributed these last few days in this sphere of influence and other “extremist radicals” overflows with fact degenerate into riots protests to the original, peaceful protest against the death of a black man of 46 years at the hands of white police officers.

In a series of tweets, the u.s. president has also congratulated the forces of law and order to be managed to control the situation on Saturday night in Minneapolis.

“The anarchists, led by the Antifa, in particular, have been quickly matés. It would have had to be made by the mayor from the first night, and there would have been no problem,” he wrote.

He was referring to Jacob Frey, the mayor, a democrat from the big city in the north of the country, where the dispute is a party after the arrest to his death, George Floyd, whose images harsh have round-the-world.

The white policeman, Derek Chauvin, who keeps on this video his knee for several minutes on the neck of the forties, was arrested Friday and charged for “manslaughter”.

The minister of Justice, William Barr said in a press release that the FBI was responsible for identifying the organizers of the disorders.

“The violence organized and carried out by Antifa and similar groups […] is the domestic terrorism and will be treated as such”, he stated in a press release.

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