Trump boasts about the wall: “It stopped the COVID, it has all stopped”

Trump vante le mur: «Il a arrêté la COVID, il a tout arrêté»

YUMA | Donald Trump has boasted Tuesday from Arizona, the effectiveness of the wall built on part of the border between the United States and Mexico, ensuring that it had been very useful in particular against the COVID-19.

“This is the wall the most powerful […] in the world, it boasts an incredible technology,” explained the american president during a round table in Yuma to mark the milestone of 200 miles (322 km).

The tenant of the White House has insisted that the barrier was “impassable” unless they have “a scale extraordinarily long”.

Mr. Trump, in particular, ensured that this building controversial was useful in the fight against illegal immigration, but that it had also proven very effective in combating the spread of the COVID-19.

“He stopped the COVID, it stopped it”, has he hammered.

“In California, for example, there are areas that are very infected on the mexican side. If we had not the wall, the situation would be catastrophic,” he added.

Promised on the day of the launch of the campaign, June 16, 2015, this wall “magnificent” as the description and size have varied in the course of the meetings is a source of frustration recurring to Donald Trump since his arrival in power.

In the Face of the refusal of democrats in Congress to release funds for this project that they deem ineffective, it has sought ways to bypass, by striking especially at the door of the Pentagon.

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