Trump cancels his weekend in New Jersey on a background of a resurgence of the pandemic

Trump annule son week-end dans le New Jersey sur fond de regain de pandémie

The us president, Donald Trump has cancelled Friday at the last minute his departure to New Jersey where he was to spend the weekend, on a background of increasing concern, related to the upsurge of the pandemic COVID-19 in the United States.

A few hours of his departure aboard Air Force One from the military base of Andrews, the White House announced, without explanation, that it does would make more in this State where he had planned to spend the weekend in his golf club of Bedminster.

Judd Deere, spokesman of the executive, has just stated that this decision had ” nothing to do “, with recommendations of quarantine as decreed by the governor of New Jersey for any person who has traveled in a State where the numbers of the COVID-19 are on the rise.

Donald Trump visited on Tuesday in Arizona, one of the States where the indicators are in the red.

The governors of the States of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, Phil Murphy, Andrew Cuomo and Ned Lamont, announced on Wednesday that the establishment of a quarantine of 14 days for persons are being made in States where infection rates are rising.

Mr. Cuomo indicated that it was not to prevent such travelers enter, the american States did not have jurisdiction to close their borders. For all that, he warned, offenders would be punished in case of non-compliance of the quarantine.

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