Trump claims to have excelled in a cognitive test, challenging Biden to pass

Trump affirme avoir excellé dans un test cognitif, met au défi Biden de le passer

WASHINGTON | us president Donald Trump has revealed details of a cognitive test in which he has according to him, “excelled”, including a test of memory, which according to him showed that he had “mental toughness” necessary to lead the United States.

Revealing on Wednesday at the Fox TV details of the test, he challenged his rival in the November presidential Joe Biden, in front of which there is increasing difficulty in the polls, to pass.

“The last questions are much more difficult,” he said in the interview, during which he was questioned on several occasions the mental capacities of the democratic candidate.

Donald Tump has indicated that the test included, for example, “a question of memory”. “They tell you to repeat the words: person, man, woman, camera, tv. I said yes, it is a person, man, woman, camera, tv”.

“And then ten, fifteen, twenty minutes later, they tell you: “you remember that first question? Repeat””.

“And there you go: person, man, woman, camera, tv”.

“And they say: it is great, how have you done this?”

“I do it because I have a good memory,” added Donald Trump. “Because I’ve been there, cognitively”.

Mr Trump, aged 74 years, has challenged Joe Biden, 77 years of age, pass this test.

“You need physical stamina and endurance”, he said. “You need mental toughness (…) you must be strong. President Xi is keen, president Putin is sharp, Erdogan is bright”.

The interview was swiftly ridiculed on social networks.

“Seriously, I can’t maintain the pace”, has gazouillé comedian Sarah Cooper, became famous with parodies of Donald Trump.

She had already redone a recent interview of the president on Fox News, in which he claimed to have “stock” in a cognitive test, showing evidence of its success to the test: a page of a coloring book.

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