Trump contradicted by the interviewer from Fox on the subject assigned to Biden

Trump contredit par un intervieweur de Fox sur des propos attribués à Biden

The us president, Donald Trump is often in conquered terrain on the tv conservative Fox News, but his latest interview has seen it picked up by a journalist of the chain on the remarks attributed to her democratic opponent Joe Biden on the police.

During the interview, filmed outdoors in front of the oval Office and an extract of which was published before its broadcast in full Sunday on Fox News Sunday, Mr. Trump attributed the rise in violence in some cities of the united States to the weakness, according to him, their democratic leaders.

“They were poorly managed,” insisted Mr. Trump after the journalist, Chris Wallace, had the opposite as a lot of the cities were led by mayors democrats for decades.

“It has always been bad, but it is now totally out of control. And it’s really because they want to cut funds to the police, and Biden wants to cut funds to the police “, launched the president.

“No sir, he doesn’t want them “, countered Chris Wallace.

Mr. Trump has said that Joe Biden had signed a charter with the senator of the left Bernie Sanders to reduce the budget of the forces of law and order.

Once again contradicted by his interviewer, the president has asked his team to bring the text in question, but the allegation was not contained therein, then said to Chris Wallace on Fox.

“Defund the police “, or ” cut funds to the police “, is one of the slogans that have made their appearance in the manifestations of racism that shook the United States after the death of George Floyd at the end of may.

Joe Biden beat the republican chairman of nine percentage points in the average of national surveys conducted by the website RealClearPolitics.

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