Trump defends the right to carry a firearm

US President Donald Trump reiterated on Friday his support for members of the National Rifle Association (NRA), the powerful gun lobby from which he had distanced himself a few months ago.
“My administration and the Conservatives in Congress have been elected to defend your rights,” said the president in front of tens of thousands of enthusiastic NRA activists gathered in Dallas.

“We will never let you down and we will always protect the second amendment,” said Trump, who attended his fourth consecutive NRA convention.

Mr. Trump promised that the second amendment to the US Constitution, the one guaranteeing the right to carry firearms, would be protected while he is president.

President Trump reiterated that it would be safer to arm as many people as possible. He argued that the attacks in Paris in 2015 would have been less bloody if the Parisians had been more armed.

“[The terrorists] took their time and shot each person one by one. Boom! Come here. Boom! “He illustrated.

This was the first NRA convention since the February shooting at a Florida high school, which sparked a protest against the gun lobby. Seventeen people, mostly teenagers, lost their lives in this shooting.

Arm teachers in schools

According to Donald Trump, to prevent such a tragedy from happening again, it is necessary to increase security in schools and arm teachers trained to handle a weapon.

“Everyone here is in favor of safe schools,” he said.

“There is no more inviting signal for a mass killer than a signal that a school is an unarmed area,” he said.

“But at the same time, there is no such strong deterrent for a sick individual as knowing that his attack will end his life, which will end in utter failure.”

Donald Trump had distanced himself from the gun lobby in the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting, but he has since returned to his positions.

During a televised meeting with elected officials at the end of February, two weeks after the tragedy, Mr. Trump had accused a Republican senator of being “afraid of the NRA” and had promised to obtain results in the fight against gun violence.

However, the president later said he wanted to make a very modest change in the background check system to focus on making schools safer.

Trump, who was obviously on friendly ground with the NRA, has also taken the opportunity to brag about his record since he was at the helm of the United States and stressed the importance for Republicans to maintain their achievements in order to mid-term elections, in November.

He urged NRA members to vote in the next election so Democrats would not make gains.

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