Trump denies having been informed of the possible premiums paid by Moscow in Afghanistan

Trump nie avoir été informé de possibles primes versées par Moscou en Afghanistan

Donald Trump has assured, on Sunday, without convincing his detractors, not having been informed of the possible premiums paid by Moscow to the insurgents to kill western soldiers in Afghanistan, contrary to what is stated in the information release.

“Nobody informed me, or informed the vice-president Mike Pence or the chief of staff, Mark Meadows on the so-called attacks on our troops in Afghanistan by the Russians,” assured the american president in a tweet early in the morning.

“All the world denies this and there have not been many attacks against us,” he added, taking for the umpteenth time to the “media containers”.

The New York Times, followed by the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, reported that Russian agents had been quietly distributed the money to the combatants “close to the taliban” so they could kill american soldiers or NATO in Afghanistan.

This information was transmitted to the president Trump and the national security Council the White House had discussed, at the end of march, but no action is decided on, these were added daily, citing unnamed sources within the american intelligence.

Russia and the taliban have denied in block this information.

The White House, for its part, denied that the president or the vice-president had been kept informed.

Similarly, the new director of national intelligence, John Ratcliffe, is bounded, in a statement of four lines, to deny that the executive has been informed. “The article in the New York Times and the following on an alleged meeting at the White House) are incorrect”, he wrote.

“Lickspittles “

These denials have not put an end to the controversy.

The president Trump ” has been briefed or not, his administration knew “, noted the head of the democrats in Congress Nancy Pelosi on ABC News.

If the billionaire republican not lying, this implies that his administration has chosen not to inform, and this shows that she “is careful not to talk about Russia” with him, said Ms. Pelosi.

For it, ” the president wants to ignore all the allegations against Russia.” He “licks the boots” of Vladimir Putin ” in all possible ways “, she still assené reproaching them of interest today more to his image than to dig into the merits of the case.

The former national Security adviser John Bolton, in an open conflict with Donald Trump in which he comes to dedicate a book of vitriol, has abounded in its meaning during an interview on CNN.

“The fact that the president feels compelled to tweet about these articles shows that his priority is not the safety of our forces, but not to have the air indifferent,” said the hawk republican who left the White House in September.

“Field of play “

For John Bolton, the president is seeking to be free: “He said,” no one kept me informed, so you can’t me blame” “.

The subject is indeed sensitive to Donald Trump who, at least five months of the presidential election, likes to denounce the “weakness” is supposed to be his rival, democrat Joe Biden, the former vice-president of Barack Obama.

“Nobody has been stronger with regard to Russia that the administration Trump “, he still tweeted Sunday morning. “With Joe Biden, the corrupt and Obama, Russia the playing field “, he continued.

In addition, the u.s. government is engaged in delicate talks with taliban insurgents.

On 29 February, they signed an agreement in Doha with Washington, in which they pledged to stop attacking foreign troops in exchange for a gradual withdrawal of the latter from Afghanistan before the spring of 2021.

Since, they do take more to foreign soldiers, but are continuing their operations against the afghan forces, which Washington continues to help.

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