Trump did not “had a word” for the ordeal of George Floyd, accuses the pastor Al Sharpton

Trump n'a «pas eu un mot» pour le calvaire de George Floyd, accuse le pasteur Al Sharpton

HOUSTON | The reverend Al Sharpton has accused Donald Trump of “malfeasance” and has “not a word” to the ordeal of George Floyd, at the funeral, Tuesday in Texas, this African-American killed by a white policeman.

“Evil in high places”, has several times repeated this figure of the civil rights struggle, as he described some of the actions of the president of the united states since the tragedy, which has led to a historical movement of events.

The reverend has, amongst others, referred to the dispersion of peaceful protesters with tear gas in front of a church near the White House, in order to allow Donald Trump to come and ask a bible in his hand.

“The president spoke to call military reinforcements” to restore calm in the cities shaken by violence, also identified Al Sharpton during a eulogy to the accents inflamed in a church of Houston.

“But he has not had a word for the 8 minutes and 46 seconds of this murder police”, he added in reference to the time during which the police officer Derek Chauvin has pressed his knee on the neck of George Floyd during his arrest in Minneapolis on may 25.

“The message is that, if you are in the forces of the order, the act does not apply to you,” said Al Sharpton.

Donald Trump has announced on 29 may that he spoke with the family of George Floyd, who died four days earlier.

“I understand the pain,” he said then. “The family of George has a right to justice.”

“The people of Minnesota have a right to safety,” he said, referring to the outbursts that had erupted at the beginning of the movement against racism and police brutality.

The republican president, who briguera a second term in November, camped since on a speech of firmness, promising to enforce “law and order”.

It has, however, repeatedly called on Twitter to not dirty the “memory” of George Floyd, claiming that the “organized groups” to the original, according to him, these outbursts had “nothing to do” with the African-American 46-year-old, which he called the death “very sad” and “tragic”.

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