Trump freezes the green cards and many work visas until 2021

Trump gèle les cartes vertes et de nombreux visas de travail jusqu'en 2021

Donald Trump, in the campaign for his re-election on 3 November, paid, Monday, a new turn of the screw migration with the gel of the green cards and certain work visas until 2021, the name of the fight against unemployment.

Faced with the destruction brutal of millions of jobs because of the containment measures, the republican president had decided, two months ago, to suspend for 60 days the delivery of “green cards” that offer a permanent resident status in the United States, without touching the temporary work visa.

A new decree, that he must sign in the after-noon, will extend this “break” until December 31, and will include, this time, several types of work visas, including the H1-B widely used in the high-tech sector, announced a senior official.

Are also concerned the visas H2B reserved for low-skilled workers (with an exception for employees of the food industry), visa J, used for the student-researcher or the visa transfer company which is used for some contracts to expatriates.

According to this official, this “break” should prevent at least 525 000 foreigners to enter american soil, and book their jobs to Americans.

“The president’s priority is to put Americans back to work”, he justified.

In the United States, the unemployment rate jumped to 13.3% of the economically active population in may, compared to 3.5% in February, due to the containment measures taken to combat the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

Visit at the foot of the wall

This degradation of the job market, the death of 120 000 people with the COVID-19 as well as demonstrations against police violence complicate the campaign of Donald Trump, lagging in the polls against his rival democratic party, Joe Biden.

After a rally disappointing in Oklahoma this weekend, he hopes to bounce back using the springs from his victorious campaign in 2016: the fight against illegal immigration.

It will be Tuesday in Yuma, Arizona, to mark the completion of the “200 miles (320 kilometers) of the wall that he had promised to erect on the border with Mexico.

In parallel, it intends to reform the system of legal immigration, to attract foreigners to the most qualified.

Beyond the gel-visa announced this Monday, he ordered his administration to consider a reform of the visa H1-B so that by 2021, they are attributed to aliens to whom the highest wages have been promised, and not by a form of lottery.

“This will eliminate the competition for the Americans in the entry-level positions, and will help us attract the best and brightest,” said the top official.

These ads drew immediate reactions to the antipodes.

Republican senator Ted Cruz, close to the president, has hailed an “important act”. “As we work to defeat the coronavirus and get our economy back on its feet, we need to focus on the lives and jobs of Americans,” he tweeted.

“This is not a response to a pandemic or a economic answer”, on the contrary, considered Andrea Flores of the powerful association of civil rights ACLU, for whom “it is an instrumentalization of the pandemic (…) to reshape [the] immigration laws without going through Congress.”

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