Trump, handcuffs?

Trump, handcuffs?


Last week, news of the impending arrest of ex-President Trump set off a tornado on social media.

We saw a parade photos of the deposed ex-president, kneeling on the ground, meditating like a poor convict.

Or, running away from a horde of police officers chasing him…

Also, in the cell wearing the famous orange jumpsuit which harmonizes so well with her hair.

A dream… Because these “photos” are the work of image generators by artificial intelligence.

We also see some of Mélania on the arms of handsome, athletic young men.

Arrested Tuesday, March 21?

This man is in “Teflon” . It resists everything.

Still, I couldn't help but watch my Twitter feed, on the lookout for the spectacular twist of this reality series.

Tuesday, midnight: The man was still free.

Patience and length of time…

Trump should face justice in several cases. It goes from the events of the Capitol through the tax evasion to the top secret documents hidden in Mar-a-Lago.

Mélania must be starting to tire…

Disappeared on the radars, we no longer see it.

Is she already chasing the billionaire on the golf clubs of Palm Beach or at some lavish receptions in Dubai?

One thing is for sure, these days she's not shopping in Paris .

That March 21 rumor? An idea of ​​Trump.

The ex-president loves to regale his troops with conspiracy theories about himself. Without forgetting, in doing so, to extract money from them.

Three days after his false news, he had already pocketed 1.5 million dollars… And the counter is ticking!

Prepare the popcorn for what's next!

In his most recent post, our “victim” predicts disaster in the United States if handcuffed.

And for to top it all off, he stokes the embers by calling the Manhattan district attorney: a degenerate psychopath.

Stop him, somebody!

Trump, handcuffs?