Trump has never asked to slow down the screening of the COVID-19

Trump n’a jamais demandé de ralentir le dépistage de la COVID-19

The immunologist-in-chief of the White House Anthony Fauci said on Tuesday that Donald Trump had “never” asked to slow down the pace of the screening of the COVID-19, contrary to what the american president.

“He has never been asked any of us to slow down the screening, it is a fact. Moreover, we increase the screening “, said Dr Anthony Fauci, asked the u.s. Congress on the statements of the controversial recent president. “It is therefore the inverse, we’re going to do more screening, not less “, has he hammered.

At his side, the three other experts in health administration Trump also responded ” no ” without hesitation when a member of parliament asked if the president had asked them to slow down the detection of the novel coronavirus, which has claimed more than 120 000 deaths in the United States.

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