Trump instructed to strengthen the work on artificial intelligence

Трамп поручил усилить работу над искусственным интеллектом

The US President Donald trump has instructed Federal agencies to improve the capacity of the country in the field of artificial intelligence.

In the country at the official level has decided to join in the technological race. One of the points is to help people whose jobs are taken by robots.

And also to help the people whose job is replaced by automation.

The order is created an American Initiative AI, which will focus on five areas:

Research and development. Federal funding agencies will be asked to “prioritize investments AI” in their raspredelennoi. AI researchers should have access to Federal data, algorithms and computer processing.Standards. Standards, stimulating the development of “reliable, strong, trustworthy, safe, portable and compatible systems of artificial intelligence”, will be established by the Office of science and technology policy of the White house and the National Institute of standards and technology.The training of employees. The Agency will train people to prepare for the changes associated with AI, including automation, through internships, scholarships and training programs.International relations. The United States will cooperate in the field of artificial intelligence with other countries, but will provide the development of the technology so that it corresponded to the American “values and interests”.

The order says that advances in AI are needed, while protecting American technology, economic economic and national security, civil liberties, privacy and American values.

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