Trump is angry that his golf outings are treated as a “caught deadly”

Trump s’indigne que ses sorties de golf soient traitées comme «un pêché mortel»

Washington | us president Donald Trump said Monday that his golf outings of the weekend have generated articles that are very critical, denouncing “the hatred and dishonesty” of the media.

The tenant of the White House, which had not played golf since march 8, due to the containment-related coronavirus, visited Saturday and Sunday in his “Trump National Golf Club, Virginia

The initiative has been the subject of strong reactions, with some critics considering it to be moved at a time when the United States was preparing to cross the milestone of 100 000 deaths of the COVID-19.

The criticism of the billionaire republican are also fueled by the fact that he himself had, when he had not yet entered politics, strongly attacked Barack Obama on this theme.

In 2014, he criticized the democratic president to play golf during the Ebola epidemic.

“There are times to play golf and moments where you can’t do that, it sends the wrong message,” he estimated. “When you’re president, you say to yourself: “I’m going to abandon (the golf course) for a few years and I’m really going to concentrate on the job””.


On Monday, Donald Trump has criticised a tenacity of which he would be the victim of “media Fake and totally corrupt” who have referred to his outings on the green as if they were “a caught deadly”.

“I knew this would happen!”, he roared. “What they don’t say is that it was my first golf for nearly three months. If I had waited three years, they would have anyway written the same articles to load”.

The billionaire republican has also recalled the controversy that had erupted when, in the summer of 2014, Barack Obama had gone golfing just minutes after having denounced, during a press conference on the beheading by jihadists of the group islamic State of american journalist James Foley.

The democratic president was excused a few weeks later, admitting to being awkward and saying it was aware that, in the position that he occupied, symbols, and pictures had a capital importance.

For the moment, Donald Trump has received on Sunday the backing of David Axelrod, a former very close adviser of his democratic predecessor.

“I don’t advocate often this president, but I do not want to go for a round of golf”, he tweeted.

“Yes, it is hypocritical on the part of Donald Trump to have attacked Barack Obama for wanting to lower the pressure of the presidency on a golf course (…), but it is also hypocritical to attack Trump now if you had defended Obama then”.

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