Trump: it’s going to end badly

Trump: ├ža va mal finir

Donald Trump has shown in recent days the signs of the most disturbing. Threat to use the army against its own people, blow of force for a session of picture taking, threatening to shut down social media, it behaves more and more as a despot. Difficult to imagine that he runs one of the largest democracies in the world.

The Defence secretary has had to dissociate themselves from him, at the risk of losing his position. It would not be the first to be cut off the head by the president Trump trying to stand up to its excesses.

His way of acting has led me to question me on what could happen this fall. Personally, I believe that Donald Trump will be beaten. But nothing is less sure. His chances of winning are still very real and he still has a political base is surprisingly solid.

Loser !

Let’s imagine for a moment the scenario or the president Trump is heading toward an electoral defeat. Who believes that he will fight honorably until the end and to concede defeat on the evening of the vote ? In the last days of the campaign, he will shout robbed, a victim of a scam.

The electoral system, the media, the us institutions, everything’s going to happen. A Trump humiliated or in the process of being going to practice a scorched-earth policy. “After me, the deluge !” is the motto of the leader narcissistic.

The reason why political leaders to accept defeat even if it is painful, it is faith in the fact that the institutions of the country are more important than their person. But on multiple occasions, Trump has proven his low respect for democratic institutions.

Justice, the Constitution, the Parliament, all of that has value only if they serve his person and his plans. If they are crooked on his way, he walked on. It does not even pretend : he publicly expresses his contempt.

Fury and reaction

Imagine the anger of the defeat. Who thinks that he would act with dignity ? Who thinks he will make a speech honourable asserting that democracy has spoken in wishing good luck to his successor ? Hard to imagine.

How far could you go Donald Trump to derail the electoral process and to prevent a transfer of power harmonious to a democratic president ? I dare not even think about it. The United States may be experiencing a crisis without precedent.

But a political crisis, a constitutional crisis, it is far from being the worst of scenarios. The president enjoys the unwavering support of a fringe of the population whose partisanship no longer has a limit. People for whom the opponents of Trump are the incarnation of the Devil.

Trump could he encourage his supporters, the more militant to raise ? It should be remembered that number of defenders fans of the president are heavily armed ? They do not hesitate to say that citizens should be armed ” to defend their rights.”

How could that end well ???

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