Trump: keep calm, it’s going to hurt to shop

Trump: keep calm, ça va mal à shop

At the White House, one feels a slight sense of panic in the face of recent polls giving Biden ahead in several key States. Needless to say, the main party trumpets to all who come, whether it is surveys can.

However, there are a few strategic moves on the chessboard. Trump began by demoting his campaign manager. The fiasco of the rally Tulsa, Oklahoma, he won this disclaimer.

In the beginning of the week, against all odds, the president stated that the port of the mask is a patriotic gesture. “And as there are no more patriotic than me…” he said without batting an eyelid.

It you throw a stone into the pond of all the conspiracy theorists, recta!

The man begins to feel the hot soup! He wants to win in November, and already warns that it will be very bad loser.

Grasp hold of us at the rail, it’s going to be swell. In order to remain in control, the captain is ready to do anything and, in his case, this is not a figure of style.

Realizing at last that his handling of the health crisis could cost him the helm, he decided to resume his press briefings on tv. He was terminated after having recommended to the population to be injected from the disinfectant!

If it is not derailed not too much this time, this show daily live 17h may prove to be a lucrative investment.

In the meantime, the joker is taking the lead on Twitter: “Everything is going much better with us than elsewhere in the world, where this Chinese virus to wreak havoc.”

He gives interviews on Fox News, his network of choice, by indulging in sessions of denigration of his opponent. It treats Biden of gâteux, to be incompetent, unable to brave the storm without calling his mom for help. It defies even being subject to a test of mental health.

For the moment, Biden is earth at him and looks at the outgoing president become entangled in the crisis. How long will he still avoid the invective and virulent of this master of intimidation?

Are not going to allow ourselves to be distracted by this pretense, and omit to look at that side of Portland, Oregon. The cloth burns and Trump sends his militia to hand over law and order.

It threatens several of the large cities governed by democrats the same treatment if they imitate Portland.

It does not bode well.

For the time being, we are only at appetizers.

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