Trump mentions a possible prohibition of the application of chinese TikTok

Trump évoque une possible interdiction de l’application chinoise TikTok

The american president Donald Trump said Tuesday that it was studying the possibility of banning the application of chinese TikTok, in a context of sharp tensions between Washington and Beijing.

“This is something we investigate,” said Mr. Trump in an interview with host Greta Van Susteren.

“It is a huge market “, he pointed out, without giving more details, but simply stating that it was “one of the many options” to the study.

The tenant of the White House has once again forcefully denounced the attitude of China in response to the pandemic of Covid-19. “What they have done to our country and the entire world is a shame “, he said.

TikTok, popular with younger people thanks to his videos around of the humor, dance and music, belongs to the chinese group ByteDance and has nearly a billion users in the world.

The statements of Mr. Trump echo that of Mike Pompeo, head of the american diplomacy, which said that Washington was considering a ban of several applications in china, including TikTok, on the background of suspicions of espionage.

The platform has often had to defend his links with China.

“TikTok” is headed by a CEO u.s., with hundreds of employees and executives (…) here in the United States, ” said a spokesperson for the group quoted by the agency Bloomberg.

“We have never provided user data to the chinese government and we would not if we were asked “, he added.

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