Trump “not agree” with the analysis of Dr. Fauci

Trump « pas d’accord » avec l’analyse du Dr Fauci

The american president Donald Trump said Tuesday that he did “not agree” with the analysis of the immunologist Anthony Fauci about the U.s. response to the pandemic of Covid-19.

“The current situation is really not good (…) We are still in the middle of the first wave “, said Monday the director of the american Institute of infectious diseases, insisting on the fact that Europe was in a position far more enviable.

When asked about these remarks by the facilitator Greta Van Susteren on her show ” Full Court Press, the tenant of the White House has reacted strongly.

“I think we are in a good position. I’m not agree with him, ” he answered, referring to this scientist is very well respected who was a member of the crisis unit of the White House on the coronavirus.

“Dr. Fauci was told not to wear masks, and now he says that it is necessary to wear one. He said a lot of things “, he ironisé.

“We have done a good job. I think that by two, three, four weeks, we will be in an excellent position, ” he added.

The United States, which crossed the bar of the 130 000 deaths from Covid-19, know for the last few weeks a surge in infections in the South and the West.

Donald Trump minimizes the records that do not cease to be beaten on the number of new cases per day, attributing it to an excess of tests, but many health officials, at the federal and especially local, deem the situation serious.

The federal government announced Tuesday the implementation of a few sites of screenings free of charge in homes where the hospitalizations related to coronavirus are on the rise.

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