Trump presents his condolences to the relatives of the 100,000 dead of the COVID-19

Trump présente ses condoléances aux proches des 100 000 morts de la COVID-19

The us president, Donald Trump has presented Thursday its condolences to the families of the 100, 000 deaths from the coronavirus in the United States, several hours after the crossing, the day before, this threshold is tragic.

“We just have to reach a threshold very sad with the number of dead from the pandemic of sars coronavirus up to 100 000 “, tweeted Donald Trump in the morning.

Countries the most grief-stricken of the world, the United States has crossed that threshold Wednesday, shortly before 18 h (time of Washington D. C.), according to the counting of the Johns Hopkins university, in which reference is made.

“To all the families and friends of those who have left, I want to present my sincere condolences, and my love for all that these people admirable, defended and represented. God be with you ! “added the republican.

Donald Trump had tweeted and retweeted more than forty times on other topics, from the crossing of this threshold, without any reference to the heavy balance sheet.

The United States have detected more than 1.7 million cases of new coronavirus. The actual number of deaths and contamination, however, is significantly higher, according to experts.

The first death of the Covid-19 in the United States was announced at the end of February. Since then, the country has plunged into a deep economic crisis, as the balance sheet grew heavier.

More than 41 million Americans have pointed to unemployed in two months, since the implementation of the measures massive containment in the country from mid-march.

Donald Trump will play his re-election on 3 November against the democrat Joe Biden, and had until march to make the economy one of his major arguments of the campaign.

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