Trump probably accused: we leave for a ride

Trump probably accused: we're off for a ride


We were only talking about that, possible accusations against the former president. Already, with the confirmation of his candidacy for 2024, we knew that the Trump circus would be in the headlines for quite some time. Are you ready for another ride?

This is just the beginning

So, the district attorney of Manhattan Alvin Bragg is preparing to write a page of history by accusing a former president in a criminal case for the first time. It was long believed that this story involving Stormy Daniels was buried, but the rumor has been circulating for several days.

Bragg, a Democrat, must have concrete evidence and testimony if he decides to move forward. We know that Michael Cohen, the president's former attorney, served time in prison in connection with this story and testified against his former boss. As Cohen has already lied to Congress, it will take much more than his version alone to condemn Trump.

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We should quickly find out how Bragg intends to proceed, but this cause is probably the least serious among the other causes for which the resident of Mar-a-Lago could be arrested. For observers and analysts, it would only be an appetizer.

It is first of all Georgia that has held my attention for several weeks already. After making two calls to state officials to try to alter the results of the 2020 election, Trump and his entourage are definitely in deep trouble. We already know that a grand jury has recommended charges.

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If there is a crime in Georgia, the penalty incurred for the Florida sponsor would be much more severe than what could be applied in the case of payment to the actress of pornographic films. Same thing for the other two major Department of Justice investigations.

What, you forgot the other two files? The special prosecutor investigating the president's role in the Capitol assault is expected to deliver his report soon, as the special prosecutor investigating the former president's handling of confidential documents is progressing well.

Charges must be laid

There are several factors that explain the particularly long duration of the investigations, but it is certain that the political burden cannot be overlooked. By accusing a former president, not only are we stepping into uncharted territory, but the explosive nature of the political climate escapes no one.

Even if Donald Trump is already calling on his supporters to demonstrate – an odious recall to January 6, 2021 – charges must be laid. More than social peace, these are the foundations of an entire system that we must protect.

If we can't force a caricature of mafia to pay the price for his crimes, we might as well lower the arm for good. Have you thought about the message we would send to the conspiracy theorists or to the extreme right which is poisoning the Republican Party?

Trump probably accused: we're off for a ride