Trump promises to answer for the “strength” to the protesters

Trump promet de répondre par «la force» aux manifestants

Donald Trump vowed on Tuesday that he would not tolerate the “autonomous zone” in Washington, the day after an attempt to install a camp of tents near the White House.

In the morning, many officers in riot gear were deployed in the streets of the capital of the United States, and around the White House were completely closed by cords of police.

“As long as I am your president, there will be no “autonomous zone” in Washington DC. If they try, they will face a force substantial”, has tweeted the billionaire republican.

The day before, a few demonstrators had tried to erect a camp on the outskirts of the presidency on the model of the area without police created in Seattle in the framework of the mobilization against police violence and racism.

They were tagged “BHAZ” to “Black House Autonomous Zone” (autonomous area of the House-Black) on church St. John’s Episcopal Church, but the police quickly dispersed the small group.

In a separate action, the demonstrators had tried to bring down a statue located in front of the White House of former president Andrew Jackson, who supported slavery.

Again, the police intervened. “They did a good job, lots of people are in prison today,” said Donald Trump to the press before jetting off for a tour of the southern border in Arizona.

“We are looking at long prison sentences for these vandals, these thugs, these anarchists and these agitators”, he continued. “These are bad people who do not love the country”, he still assené.

On the other side of the country, the authorities of Seattle wish to reinvest the ” autonomous zone “, after shots by weapons fire that left one dead and one injured in this area where police is not welcome in the last two weeks.

“It is time that the people return home,” said mayor Jenny Durkan, in order to “restore order and eliminate violence in the neighborhood of Capitol Hill”.

The authorities have opted for dialogue with the organizers and are not planning to invest the place by force, she said.

Donald Trump has fiercely criticized the mayor of Seattle and the governor of the State of Washington, Jay Inslee for their management of this area. “Homegrown terrorists have taken Seattle, led by democrats and the radical left”, he notably tweeted there are twelve days.

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