Trump promises to be in good health: “If there is a problem, I’ll let you know”

Trump assure être en bonne santé: «S’il y a un problème, je vous le dirai»

TULSA | The american president Donald Trump has assured on Saturday that he was in good health, returning to hold a ceremony during which he had seemed to give signs of fatigue.

“If there is a problem, I say so”, he launched in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the south of the United States, at its first meeting of the campaign for more than three months.

“There’s something that’s not going on [Joe] Biden, I can tell you,” added the president, 74-year-old, referring to his democratic opponent, old to 77 years old, for the presidential election on 3 November.

The speculations about his state of health had been fired when he was carried out in November-a mysterious visit to a military hospital near Washington, outside of the usual timetable.

On 13 June, he had held on, despite the pandemic coming to greet the promotion 2020 of the prestigious military academy of West Point, near New York city.

Asked to leave the scene after being sent to the future elites of the american army, he had seemed to know a few difficulties on the access ramp, lowered a little cautious.

The media had also noted that he had need of both his hands, in the middle of the same speech, to carry a glass of water to his lips.

Remaking the scene, mimicking her approach, drinking his glass with a gesture closes it in front of his thousands of supporters who clapped, the president of the United States was launched Saturday in a curious parenthesis in the middle of his speech very expected in Tulsa.

“Because I wore shoes with leather soles” said Donald Trump, stating, half-playful and half-indignant: “This is good if you walk on flat surfaces. This is not good for a ramp.”

“There was no ramp for the hands”, he added. “It was like a skating rink. I said, “General, I have a problem.””

Explaining that he had just 600 salutes the military to the promotion of cadets, under a blazing sun, he continued: “I was cooked. I said: “General, there is no way I come down this ramp without falling on your ass.””

“I can’t fall down when the “Fake News” watching,” added Donald Turmp, causing the boos of the audience in the direction of the cameras.

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