Trump pushed to wear a mask while concerns are growing around the virus

Trump poussé à porter un masque alors que l’inquiétude grandit autour du virus

WASHINGTON | Donald Trump should wear a mask to give the example to address the epidemic of COVID-19? More and more voices – including republicans – say that yes, when, by the admission even of his own government, time is running desperately to find solutions against the coronavirus.

The republican president never appeared in public with a mask since the beginning of the pandemic, which has claimed more than 125 000 deaths in the United States, the country most grief-stricken in the world.

Above all, he mocked his democratic opponent in the presidential election of 3 November, Joe Biden, who is, and it qualified the use of the mask of”double-edged sword” from a health point of view at the same time as the south of the country is facing a surge in disturbing of the disease.

The Centres for prevention and disease control (CDC), which provide the tempo of the government response to the coronavirus, simply have recommended its use. And not “required”, which would have had to be done since “very long”, regretted on Sunday the president democratic party of the House of representatives, Nancy Pelosi. All this to not “offend” the billionaire republican, she assured in an interview on ABC News.

“The president should wear a mask”, she repeated before adding: “real men wear masks”, suggesting, as Joe Biden has already done, that the refusal to Donald Trump to cover his face was only a question of manhood misplaced.

Many observers and analysts also ensure that the supports the male of the tenant of the White House in conservative areas of the country are seeing the mask as a sign of weakness.

“This would help us”

The schism around the mask, including the health agencies around the world are now pitching effectiveness in the face of the virus, is very political in the United States, as admitted by Donald Trump himself this week.

But it should not be regretted on Sunday morning republican senator Lamar Alexander, in a rare compromise with democrats.

“It would help if, from time to time, the president wore one. It would help us get rid of this political debate would be that if you are for Trump, you were not wearing mask and if you’re against Trump, you do it”, he said on CNN.

Interviewed shortly after on this subject, the Health secretary, Alex Azar, has simply reiterated that the president was a “unique”, because it was the test “regularly”, thus echoing the argument of billionaire new yorkers. However, a screening would enable him to know whether he has contracted the COVID-19, but would not prevent contamination.

While mulling over the message of the federal government comply with social distancing, hand washing and wearing a mask), Alex Azar, has recognized that the situation was “very serious” and that “the window is closing to take action and regain control of the situation” sanitary.

Nearly half of the american States, particularly in the south and the west, have experienced a serious resurgence of the COVID-19 during the month of June, and some, such as Florida or Texas, faced with a number of infections of unusual significance, have had to pause their process of déconfinement.

The governor of California, where, without being as dramatic as it is in Florida, the situation has worsened in recent weeks, announced on Sunday the closure of bars in seven counties, including Los Angeles, the second largest city in the country.

“There is clearly something being in the Sunbelt, particularly among young Americans,” acknowledged the vice-chairman Mike Pence, ensuring that the government followed “very closely” what is happening in these States.

The situation, however, continues to improve in the north-east, which was the most affected region two months ago.

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