Trump refuses to re-name the former military bases honoring of confederate generals

Trump refuse de rebaptiser les bases militaires honorant des généraux confédérés

The american president Donald Trump said Wednesday categorically opposed to the idea of changing the name of the military bases in honor of the confederate generals, a hypothesis proposed by the Pentagon.

The american Civil War, which has torn apart the nation from 1861 to 1865, primarily around the issue of slavery, between the Northern States and the confederate States who seceded.

“Some have suggested to rename up to ten military bases legendary”, has tweeted the us president, at a time when the protests against racism across the United States have reignited the debate about the past slavery in the country.

Pointing out that these bases were now part of “american heritage”, he affirmed that his government would consider them “not even” this possibility.

“Please respect our army!”, a-t-he concluded.

On Tuesday, the minister of Defence, was said, by the voice of his spokesperson Sunset Belinsky, “open to a discussion on the subject”.

Ten bases of the army, all located in the south of the country, bear the name of former military southerners of the Civil war.

In his tweets, the us president cited in particular Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

This database, the largest in the country, bears the name of a former general of the army, secessionist, Braxton Bragg, who is best known for having lost the great battle of Chattanooga in 1863.

A database of Georgia honors Henry L. Benning, a general slavery convinced, who had pleaded for the creation of a “Slavocratie southerner”.

There is also a Fort Lee, the name of the commander-in-chief of the army of the south Robert Lee, thirty miles from Richmond, the capital of the confederate States during the war.

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