Trump relays a new theory complotiste, Twitter, called to intervene

Trump relaie une nouvelle théorie complotiste, Twitter appelé à intervenir

The widower of a woman at the center of a theory complotiste relayed by Donald Trump on Twitter has called the boss of the social network to intervene and delete the messages from the u.s. president on his behalf, without effect for the moment.

The messages of the president were the host of the cable channel MSNBC, Joe Scarborough, a former politician who was a friend of Donald Trump before you criticize it openly to the antenna.

The case mentioned by the president dates back to July 2001. At the time, Lori Klausutis, an assistant parliamentarian who worked for Joe Scarborough, then a republican congressman, had a fatal fall in an office.

The autopsy had concluded that the young woman 28-year-old had collapsed after a heart attack, falling on the corner of a desk and fracturing the skull.

Joe Scarborough, who had announced to surrender its mandate in may 2001 but has not actually left the Congress in September, then made a career in the media and anime today the morning ” Morning Joe “, where he regularly criticises the president.

Several sites and blogs have maintained since the theory complotiste according to which Lori Klausutis would have been murdered, and without any tangible support.

Sunday, as he had already done several times since 2017, Donald Trump got hold of. “I think there’s a lot more to say about this story? A link? “, has tweeted the american president.

This time, the widower of Lori Klausutis has written to the director general of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, and ask him to intervene. The existence of the letter, dated last week, has been revealed on Tuesday.

“Please, delete these tweets “, asked Timothy Klausutis, in this letter relayed by several u.s. media. “My wife deserves better than that. ”

“I ask you to intervene because the president of the United States has appropriated something that does not belong to him: the memory of my late wife, and was perverted by political calculation,” said Timothy Klausutis.

“We are deeply sorry for the pain caused to the family of these statements and the attention they have attracted,” said to AFP a spokesman for Twitter.

“We are working to expand the features of our product and our regulations to address issues like this more effectively in the future,” he added, noting that these changes should intervene ” quickly “.

On Tuesday, the boss of Twitter Jack Dorsey had not responded publicly to the request, and the social network has not deleted the tweets concerned.

Donald Trump relays regularly theories complotistes, even if, for the most part, it has been established that they were false.

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