Trump sharing —then removes— a video of one of his supporters shouting “white power”

Trump partage —puis supprime— une vidéo d’un de ses partisans criant «white power»

The president, Donald Trump has shared on Sunday, before deleting it, the video of a confrontation between several of his supporters and his opponents, where one saw a man shouting “white power” rallying cry for the white supremacist.

A Twitter user has posted this video, apparently filmed in a private residence for the retired in Florida, where we see that the virulent clashes-verbal between pros and anti-Trump.

One sees, from the first seconds, a man driving a golf cart adorned with signs “Trump 2020” and “America First” be reproached by protesters that the deal with “racist”.

“White Power”, their answers-it then twice, raised fist. “White power this, white power. You have heard it?” replied one of the protesters.

Donald Trump has relayed the video with the message “Thank you to the super people of the Villages,” this community for more than 55 years of age who welcomes 115 000 inhabitants in the north of Florida.

A few hours later, while the controversy was mounting in the american media, Donald Trump has deleted his retweet.

“The president Trump is a big fan of the Villages. He did not hear the message in this video. What he has seen, this is an incredible enthusiasm on the part of his supporters,” responded a spokesman for the White House, Judd Deere.

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