Trump signs a decree for a limited reform of the police

Trump signe un décret pour une réforme limitée de la police

Donald Trump has signed on Tuesday a decree ordering a limited reform of the law enforcement in order to attempt to answer the historical movement of anger against police violence and racism that has engulfed the United States.

This order includes the prohibition of taken controversial bottlenecks, except if the life of a police officer is in danger, ” said the american president, after having met with the families of victims of police brutality or racist. It “encourages” the thousands of police units in the u.s. to adopt the ” highest professional standards “, he added, from the gardens of the White House.

These measures, however, remain below that demanded by the protesters, who stood, since the death of George Floyd, asphyxiated by a white policeman on may 25 in Minneapolis.

More details will follow…

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