Trump sweeps to a new survey very unfavorable

Trump balaie un nouveau sondage très défavorable

The republican president, Donald Trump has again swept of a reverse of sleeve a latest survey showing it in increasing difficulty in the face of his rival, democrat Joe Biden, in an interview aired Sunday on Fox News.

In this same interview, the candidate of the american right has refused to say that he would accept the results out of the ballot box, repeating his concern about possible fraud promoted according to him, the vote by correspondence.

“No, I need to track,” he said, repeating the position is very controversial that it had adopted before the election of 2016 he had won. “I’m not going to just say” yes “. I’m not going to just say “no”.

“First and foremost, I’m not losing, because it surveys bogus,” assured the billionaire, who was interviewed by journalist Chris Wallace on a poll showing Biden the beating of eight points, to 49 % against 41 %.

“Biden is unable to align two sentences to the following “, then attacked the american president who, asked whether he considered his opponent ” senile “, is not, however, gone so far.

“I don’t want to say this, I would say that it is not competent to be president. To be president, he must be strong of mind, strong, and many other things. It does not even have a sub-soil “, has criticized Mr. Trump.

He was referring to the fact that Joe Biden, 77 years, spends most of his time secluded in his residence in the State of Delaware, struggling to give impetus to media coverage of his campaign for the White House.

Mr. Trump has also refused to make any appropriation to a conclusion of the survey from Fox News showing that voters considered him to be less “competent” than Biden. He suggested that this matter be decided by an iq test imposed on the two candidates in their seventies.

“Let’s make a test. Do a test now. Let us ask ourselves, Joe and me, and pass a test “, launched the leader republican, which on November 3, will be opposed in the ballot box, former vice-chairman of Barack Obama.

Another poll released Sunday and conducted by ABC and the Washington Post shows an advance of Joe Biden on Donald Trump even more clear in the intentions of vote, 55 % against 40 %.

Mr. Trump continues to pay dearly for its management considered to be of bad of the crisis of the COVID-19 in the United States, with an approval rate of its general policy falling to a low of 39 %, 57 % the réprouvant.

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