Trump thanked in a tweet a sworn enemy of the pope

Trump remercie dans un tweet un ennemi juré du pape

The american president Donald Trump was thanked for his support of one of the most vocal opponents of pope Francis, the prelate Italian Carlo Maria Vigano, who sent him a letter in which he considers that the riots following the death of George Floyd are part of a political plot.

“I am so honored to the letter it incredible that I was sent to archbishop Vigano. I hope that everyone – religious or not – read!” was written on Wednesday night, in a tweet, u.s. president.

The link refers to the site ultraconservateur american catholic Lifesite, which publishes the letter dated June 7, where the prelate Italian critical containment during the pandemic and justifies the repression of the recent riots in the United States.

Archbishop Vigano was pulled out of anonymity by calling for the resignation of the pope Francis in August 2018 and publishing on the same site, a scathing list of charges on its management of sexual abuse in the Church. This ex-member of the roman Curia has finished his career at Washington as papal nuncio (ambassador to the Holy see) between 2011 and 2016.

In his long letter of unconditional support to Donald Trump, the prelate Italian defends, for example, the output controversial of the president in front of a church near the White House, Bible in hand, after the violent dispersal of the protesters hit with tear gas.

He believes that the attacks that followed against the president “are part of a narrative orchestrated” designed to “legitimise the violence and the crime of” for election purposes, for the advent of a “new world order” is inspired of”the ideals masonic” and anti-christian.

For the former ambassador to the Vatican, the riots of the last few weeks have been “caused” by people seeking to lead to “repression, legitimate, but which would be condemned as an assault, unjustified and against the population”.

“It is quite clear that the use of events is for those who would like to see someone elected in the next presidential elections, which embodies the goals of the deep State,” he wrote.

Last may, the Italian had already been at the initiative of a petition, also to tone very complotiste, calling for the resumption of worship in the churches, in holding that the security measures around the pandemic of sars coronavirus were for religious freedom. This text had been signed by cardinals to be very traditionalist, notoriously opposed to the pope and accusing him on a regular basis “heresy”.

Many religious leaders americans had, for their part, blasted the decision of Donald Trump, to violently disperse the demonstrators to be photographed with a Bible in hand, on the 1st of June, before the church of Saint John, a building belonging to the episcopal Church, which had been degraded before, during demonstrations.

His visit the next day at the national Shrine of Saint John Paul II, in the north-east of the federal capital, had also pushed the catholic hierarchy.

“I find it disconcerting and reprehensible that a catholic website to be hijacked and manipulated so blatantly [and] that violates our religious principles”, denounced the archbishop of Washington, Wilton Gregory, the first bishop african-american to gain access to this prestigious position in 2019 based on the decision of pope Francis.

The next day, pope Francis had considered to be “intolerable” any form of racism, in reaction to the death, to Minneapolis, to George Floyd, while condemning the violent reactions that followed.

“We can neither tolerate nor condone any form of racism or exclusion, and claim to defend the sanctity of all human life,” said the sovereign pontiff, that sites are fundamentalist catholics in america, focusing on the anti-abortion attack regularly for its messages of socio-economic focused on the defence of the poor.

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