Trump: The joker Hidden

Trump: Le joker Masqué

That is what has been able to convince the Donald to hide the sadistic grin?

Certainly not fear, the man made proof of great courage. We would be rather inclined to believe, that his brilliant advisors have managed to make him hear reason. Dr. Fauci? Impossible, he did lock himself in his lab with formal prohibition of speaking to the people, under the penalty of being sent to the bedside of Bolsonaro.

Its two charming and clear-sighted elder sons? It would be more to his precious Ivanka that he sees in his soup, or rather in his bucket of fried chicken, and of which he drinks the words as a grand cru of Root Beer…

Unless this is just his tender wife.

The tigress of Serbia has slipped to the ear as she could not stand for much of that time to finish under a respirator.

Mélania is ready to stuff the official release but not at the cost of his life.

The lady still has great years ahead of it, a contract for the marriage of concrete with provisions for divorce in the addendum.

So much so that one wonders if the gentle will not bend luggage on November 4 in the morning, in the event of the defeat of her husband.

The joker didn’t hand. Not the start of Mélania let’s be realistic, the spectre of defeat begins to haunt him.

The victory, which a few months previously seemed to be acquired, flickers like a flame on the point of shutting down.

It is the people who dies. It exceeds the 130,000 dead.

Think of the early days of the announcement of this pandemic, the joker fanfaronnait saying that, if the country is in shot with a 100,000 or 200,000 deaths, it could mean that he will have done a good job!

Reality catches up with him, the man becomes aware that a part of its electorate is at risk. We can always vote the dead, block the offices of the votes of african-americans, losing ballot boxes in the nature…

It remains that his supporters even dying should take until November. This dirty coronavirus does not cost him his presidency!

The tenant of the White house would lend itself to all the masquerades, to remain there, even if he rather prefers to the Mar-a-Lago. Speaking of Palm Beach, the beautiful Ghyslaine Maxwell who liked it so much, we may tell soon-to-be the sumptuous feasts which she had attended with Epstein in this rich house… It’s going to croustiller!

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