Trump: the never-ending nightmare

Trump: the never-ending nightmare


Donald Trump is an endless political nightmare. Like a crazy feline with nine lives, nothing, it must be believed, seems to be able to stop the megalomaniac ambitions of the 76-year-old multi-billionaire.

Nothing. Not even his arrest this week by the police. Not even the 34 counts against him for alleged criminal conduct and interference in the 2016 presidential elections.

Not even his obvious incitement to riot ahead of the January 6th rampage at the Capitol 2021 by enraged and armed worshipers.

Extreme polarization

Nothing stops him. Not even the xenophobic hatred and extreme polarization that it has been sowing for years among the American population and well beyond its borders.

Not even, yet in the era of #MeToo, his crude and uninhibited misogyny which, under the rule of like-minded judges he appointed, has caused millions of American women to lose their right to abortion depending on the state in which they reside.< /p>

Nothing stops him. Some experts even predict that he could win the Republican nomination again and the next presidential one.

All of this – and this is by far the most worrying – at the pinnacle of power of the greatest power in the world. A democracy too, we are told. Help.

By what providence?

Welcome to the decline of the American empire, as Denys Arcand would say… The killing question: for how much longer?

By what providence could the United States and the rest of the planet, including us, its small neighbor to the north, nevertheless escape its eventual return to the White House? You might as well climb the steps of the Oratory on your knees.

The year I was born, John F. Kennedy was elected President of the United States. As a friend pointed out to me, six decades later, we are faced with a possible return to the presidency of Donald Trump.

As a political regression, it is simply mind-boggling.


Trump: the never-ending nightmare