Trump, the terrorist

Trump, le terroriste

Forget the protests, ” Black Lives Matter “, forget the protection of the statues that are located on federal lands. The events that take place in several american cities are taking a turn much more disturbing.

They are opposing forces which struggle against social injustice and growing economic forces that seek to maintain the distribution is too unequal of wealth in the United States.

They turn federal police officers in police policy.

Donald Trump does not hesitate to designate as “terrorists and anarchists” who oppose him. It seeks to give the impression that he is a president at the firm grip.

From his point of view, it was not entirely wrong. The protesters popping up all over the United States are rebelling against the order that want to impose some of the super-rich.

But in fact, the real terrorists, they are the powerful who, like Trump, want to distract the institutions to enrich themselves even more. In the good terrorist, Trump did not hesitate to try to terrorize those who oppose this enrichment.

In theory, the federal police were sent to protect the statues erected on the grounds of the federal government.

Real problem

As usual, Trump has put his finger on a real problem. Debunking of the statues is a decision that should be taken to be pressured by elected representatives. The angry mobs aren’t known for their good judgment.

But the response to Trump is dangerous. Send police officers armed to the teeth to protect the statues is not only a waste of resources, but more importantly, a provocation unnecessary. A provocation that is to leave to hear the protesters as he defends the worst defects of the historical characters that are being attacked.

The foolishness of Trump fact change the target to the protesters. Now, they are asking for the expulsion of federal police officers of the cities where they were deployed. These police officers not identified, in cars unmarked, to stop the citizens, often without valid reasons.

They are, with reason, be assimilated to a police policy which aims to silence the demonstrators, intimidating. Their presence was not requested by any city. The mayors and the governors to denounce Trump and accuse him of abuse of power. These mayors, elected leaders, they are terrorists and anarchists ? Certainly not.

The foundations of a dictatorship

It is possible that Trump seeks to multiply the circumstances that would allow him to challenge before the courts a possible defeat in the next presidential election. The protests, the economic crisis and the COVID-19 may plead in favour of the cancellation of the election results in some constituencies.

But such a strategy could eventually discredit the entire electoral system to us and establish a dictatorship.

It is true that some republicans see far. By 2040 the various minority groups will form the majority of the american population. For this reason, the chances of republicans to form a elected government decreases each year.

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