Trump, the toilets and the general

Trump, the toilets and the general


If you haven't exceeded your budget for buying books about the Trump administration, I suggest you read some new books today.

Ever Creepy

Initially, New York Times columnist Maggie Haberman, a Pulitzer winner, will launch Confidence Mannext October 4. The result of rigorous labor and hundreds of interviews, the book is eagerly awaited.

Among the passages that emanate recently, we find new information concerning the illegal mania of the 45th president to destroy documents . Among the surreal pearls obtained by Haberman are photographs of…toilets!

Members of the President's entourage relayed photographs of a White House toilet as well as a toilet used during a stay abroad. In both cases, there are papers on which we can recognize Trump's handwriting.

A great and irreparable harm

The second book, The Divider, is the result of a collaboration between Susan Gasser, of The New Yorker, and Peter Baker of the New York Times. As with Haberman's book, we are entitled to some spectacular excerpts that may encourage you to get it from September 20.

Two things stand out: Donald Trump's admiration for Adolf Hitler's generals and a letter of resignation, never sent, signed by the Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley.

That Trump values ​​the alleged loyalty of Hitler's generals should not surprise us, but that a general as respected as Milley threatens to resign is disturbing. 

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Shocked by the dispersal of the crowd using gas and rubber bullets to allow the president to be photographed with a Bible in his hand, Milley no longer wanted to be associated with what he considered e a maneuver worthy of Nazism. 

Fortunately for the future, Milley chose to remain in post and watch.