Trump to embarrass the US flag in the wave of ridicule (photo)

Трамп оконфузился с флагом США: в сети волна насмешек (фото)

Donald trump, who visited children’s hospital in Columbus (Ohio), disgraced in front of the students, and at the same time and before the world. The US President sat down with the kids to paint the American flag. And, as it turned out, I forgot what he looks like. In his book trump depicted the blue stripes, although they should only be red and white. Blue is just a rectangle in the upper left corner, which shows the 50 five-pointed white stars.

The President unwittingly framed the accompanying Minister of health Alex Azar, laying out pictures of the event in Twitter.
Writes Sky News, trump has caused a strong reaction among users of social networks. “The President incorrectly painted flag of their own country. This is the end”, “This idiot need to go back to school, His skills of coloring meet the kindergarten level. As his knowledge in the field of social science and civil rights,” wrote in the comments.

“I didn’t know that there is the United States of the Netherlands”, — ironically noted one of the users, alluding to the colors of the flag of this country. Some have suggested that the American leader has decided to reproduce the colors of the Russian flag, but the stripes go in a different order.
However, there is one trump and the defenders. “And if it was a horse, and he painted her pink, would be upset people so much that he painted the wrong horse?”, — asked one.

“Maybe someone of the kids asked him whether the flag to be other colors, and he decided to show them what life can be like you want it” — creative imply a different commenter.

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Трамп оконфузился с флагом США: в сети волна насмешек (фото)

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