Trump Tuesday to the southern border to inspect his wall antimigrant

Trump mardi à la frontière sud pour inspecter son mur antimigrant

WASHINGTON | Donald Trump went on Tuesday to the southern border of the United States to mark the completion of a portion of the wall antimigrant that he had promised during the campaign of 2016, announced on Monday his administration.

The republican president, who is running for a second term on 3 November, seeks to give a boost to his candidacy, which suffers from the conjunction of multiple crises (pandemics, unemployment, police violence…)

After a meeting of campaign disappointing Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it will be Tuesday in Yuma, Arizona, to “mark the completion of 200 miles (322 kilometers) of new wall at the south-western border with Mexico,” according to a press release from the department of homeland Security.

He will participate in a roundtable discussion with local leaders on the theme “security at the border,” and will inspect the building.

The billionaire new yorker, who has made the fight against illegal immigration, one of the markers of his presidency, had promised in 2016 to build a wall along the 3 200 km of border with Mexico and pay for his neighbor.

Finally neither Mexico nor the Congress has not allocated the funds required, and has had to draw in the Pentagon’s budget to advance the work.

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