Trump under pressure to cancel his election rally for recovery

Trump sous pression pour annuler son rassemblement électoral de reprise

Washington | Donald Trump, who counts on a large election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for actually starting his re-election campaign, is called to cancel purely and simply because of the risk of COVID-19 after having already had to postpone a day for symbolic reasons.

The american president had announced on Friday that the meeting, initially planned for 19 June, the day of commemoration of the end of slavery, would be postponed to the following day, “with respect to the date” and what it represents.

The choice of Tulsa, a city that was in 1921, the theatre of some of the worst race riots in american history, has been regarded as a provocation after the death of George Floyd and the massive protests against racism and police violence that followed.

The local daily newspaper Tulsa World ruled Monday in an editorial in the vitriol that the health risk posed by a mass rally in a closed place, was too big a risk.

“This is not the right time, and Tulsa is not the right place for a gathering of Trump”, the judge writing for the newspaper, recalling that even if the city of Tulsa and the State of Oklahoma had authorized the reopening of the shops, the pandemic COVID-19 continued to make progress there.

The situation in Tulsa also remains tense after the death of George Floyd and the coming of Donald Trump could lead to protests that could become violent, is afraid of the local daily newspaper.

“This is where Tulsa is found all alone to handle the situation at the time when the resources of the municipality are already stretched to the limit,” stressed the editorial.

“A million applications”

The director of the municipal health services Bruce Dart has warned Saturday in the columns of the journal that the health situation is currently deteriorating in the city, after a ceremony, a funeral that brought together many of the world.

“A great meeting of 19 to 20 000 people represents a huge risk to Tulsa today,” alerted Mr. Dart. “I think that it is an honour for Tulsa as a president-in-office wants to come visit our community, but not during a pandemic”.

Donald Trump responded Monday morning on Twitter with these calls to cancel the gathering, for which, he says, his team has received ” nearly a million requests for tickets “.

He accused the ” media “fake news” far-left ” of having two weights and two measures with the coronavirus, having “no problem with the rioters and thugs who are destroying the cities run by democrats” while “throwing the stigma” on its large gatherings.

“This will not work!”, he insisted, saying that the high number of cases of COVID-19 identified in the United States was mainly due to the ability of screening without the equivalent of his country.

Oklahoma was recorded on Saturday, more than 8000 cases of COVID-19, 225 during the previous 24 hours, a new record for this State.

The campaign team of president has warned that the participants in future rallies will be required to sign a document saying that they waive any further if they catch the virus at this time.

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