Trump wants to limit the protection enjoyed by social networks

Trump veut limiter la protection dont bénéficient les réseaux sociaux

Appalled by the attitude of Twitter to its context, Donald Trump was to sign Thursday a decree aiming to limit the protection of social networks and the latitude they enjoy in the moderation of their content.

“This is going to be a big day for the social networks and IMPARTIALITY! “, has tweeted the us president, without further clarification on the decree in preparation that should be the starting point of a long battle in the courts.

According to the Washington Post, the tenant of the White House plans to tackle the famous section 230 of the ” Communications Decency Act “.

This latest offering to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google immunity against any lawsuit brought by you related to the contents published by third parties and gives them the freedom to intervene on the platforms at their discretion.

The decree is intended to change the scope of application of this law, and would allow regulatory authorities to decide on the policy of moderation of content.

“In a country that has always cherished the freedom of expression, we cannot allow only a limited number of platforms online filter the debate in which Americans can have access and participate on the internet,” says a preliminary version of the text obtained by the daily.

The debate over the sacrosanct status of a host of online platforms has raged for months, and is far beyond the dispute between Donald Trump and Twitter.

The act has remained virtually unchanged since 1996, with the exception of an amendment which entered into force in 2018 that has lifted the immunity for services to ” promoting and facilitating prostitution “.

The vote on the conservative censure?

Donald Trump denounces long-standing what he believes to be a bias ideological and political on the part of the giants of the Silicon Valley.

“The republicans have the feeling that the platforms of social networks censor completely the voice of the conservative “, a-t-it launched on Wednesday.

“We’re going to regulate them severely, or close, to prevent such a thing from happening. ”

Often accused of being lax in its treatment of statements made by leaders, Twitter has reported for the first time on Tuesday, messages of the president, by adding the statement: “Check the facts. ”

It was tweets from billionaire saying the vote by correspondence was necessarily “fraudulent” because subject to manipulation.

The issue is particularly sensitive in full election year rocked by the pandemic of coronavirus, which poses doubt on the modalities of the organization of the us presidential election of November 3.

“These tweets contain information of potentially misleading information about the voting process and have been reported “, explained a spokesperson of the platform.

Twitter has not, however, acted against other messages in the vitriol of Donald Trump published recently, in which he relays a conspiracy theory against the host of the cable channel MSNBC, Joe Scarborough, a former friend of Mr. Trump became openly critical of the antenna.

Several sites obscure feed for years, without any tangible element to support the idea according to which Mr. Scarborough, then a republican representative, would have murdered his assistant parliamentary Lori Klausutis in 2001.

Her widower had implored him to Twitter last week to act to prevent Donald Trump from relay ” lies repeatedly refuted “. “I ask you to intervene because the president of the United States has appropriated something that does not belong to him: the memory of my late wife, and was perverted by political calculation,” wrote Timothy Klausutis.

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