Trump warns that the epidemic “will surely get worse before it gets better”

Trump prévient que l’épidémie « va sûrement empirer avant de s’améliorer »

The us president, Donald Trump has acknowledged on Tuesday the severity of the epidemic of Covid-19 in the United States during his first press conference devoted to what he calls “the virus of China” since the end of April.

“This will probably, unfortunately, get worse before they get better. I don’t like to say it, but it’s like this, “he said at the White House, before calling “everyone” to wear a mask when the separation physical is not possible.

While satisfactory progress in the research of vaccines, as well as having solved the shortage of tests and a result, artificial respirators, the president has for the first time adopted a tone of scaremongering about the spread of the epidemic in the south and west of the country, up to “imploring” young people to ” avoid the crowded bars “.

“As you know, these past few weeks, we have seen an alarming rise of cases in many regions of the south,” said Donald Trump.

“We saved potentially millions of lives with the sub upfront, but we are very aware of this disease “, he added. “We will end with therapeutic treatments and a vaccine very quickly “.

“The virus is going to disappear, it will disappear “, he repeated, claiming that the responsibility of the health situation was shared between himself and the governors of the States.

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