Trump was posthumously awarded Elvis Presley highest award of the US

Трамп посмертно наградит Элвиса Пресли высшей наградой США

“The king of rock’ n ‘roll” Elvis Presley was awarded the highest award of the US civilian – the presidential medal of Freedom.

The US President Donald trump was posthumously awarded the “king of rock-n-roll” Elvis Presley the presidential medal of Freedom. It is the highest award for U.S. civilians.

“Elvis was a combination of gospel, country and rhythm and Blues to create their unique sound, and sold over a billion records. He remains the eternal American icon 40 years after his death”, – said the press service of the White house.

The awarding ceremony will be held on November 16.

Elvis Presley was born in 1935 in Mississippi. During his career, the musician has managed to become “the king of rock-n-roll”. Even after his death, the singer remains one of the highest paid celebrities.

We will remind, earlier in the auction sold private aircraft, the Lockheed Jetstar, which was owned by the “king of rock-n-roll”. In addition, the guitar Elvis Presley was sold at auction.

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