Trump wears a mask in public

Trump porte un masque en public

The us president, Donald Trump, appeared for the first time publicly on Saturday with a mask, become the United States an object of political debate and passionate as much as a bulwark against the outbreak of COVID-19.

The mask that sported Donald Trump was night blue, and carried, engraved on one of its corners, the coat of arms gilt of the american presidency.

The billionaire republican has had to resolve to present the face covered as he visited Saturday evening to members of the military wounded in the fighting at the hospital Walter Reed Bethesda (Maryland), in the suburbs of Washington.

“I will probably have a mask”, had said a few moments earlier the american president as he left the White House, justifying this gesture by the circumstances.

“When you speak with soldiers who are just leaving the operating table”, he explained, “I think it is something very nice to wear a mask”. “I’ve never been against the mask, but I am convinced that it depends on the time and the place”, he added.

Recommended as early as April

Since the beginning of the month of march and the appearance of the first restrictions in the face of the coronavirus, Donald Trump had carefully avoided showing himself in public with a mask.

The president has even contributed to make this object, in which the port is recommended by the u.s. health authorities, a subject of political dispute in America is very polarized.

The refusal to wear the mask is often seen in a part of the society as an assertion of his personal freedom in the face of the recommendations of national and international authorities.

Symbol of these divisions, the american president was held on June 20, a meeting of the campaign in the city of Tulsa (Tulsa, Oklahoma) in front of thousands of supporters that are not protected by a mask. Since then, local authorities have noted a surge in the number of cases of COVID-19.

He has also repeatedly mocked his democratic opponent for the presidential election of 3 November, Joe Biden, who, on his side, scrupulously comply with advice of doctors. It restricts its movements and appears to be systematically covered face.

The Central-american of control and prevention of diseases (CDC) had from the beginning of the month of April issued a national recommendation in favor of the mask.

But Donald Trump had immediately stood up, saying that he was tested almost daily in coronavirus, the same as all persons approaching.

The pressure was very strong these last few days for the republican president send a signal in favour of the port mask, because the United States are in the process of losing control of the epidemic with a number of cases of COVID-19 exploding, especially in the southern States, such as Florida and Texas.

The United States reported Friday that nearly 65 000 new cases, especially in States governed by republicans, and who had risen faster than other containment measures and restrictions taken in the month of march.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 3.2 million cases of COVID-19 of which were listed in the country, as well as close to 135 000 people dead, the balance sheet, the heaviest in the world.

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