Trump welcomes his mexican counterpart under a storm of criticism

Trump accueille son homologue mexicain sous une pluie de critiques

Washington | In full pandemic Covid-19 and four months of the us presidential election, Donald Trump receives Wednesday with his mexican counterpart, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The goal and schedule of this visit – the first foreign-d'”AMLO” since his arrival in power there 18 months – raising questions and sharp criticism from both sides of the border.

Officially, the first head-to-head between the two men is designed to celebrate the entry into force of the new treaty of free trade in north america.

But evidence of continued tensions, the Prime minister of canada Justin Trudeau, also a signatory, will fail to appeal.

On Tuesday night, Mr Trump said he was delighted to receive her mexican counterpart, a “good man”, a “friend”.

“I’m not going to do partisan politics, this is a working meeting”, for its part, assured Mr Lopez Obrador.

But this meeting in the oval Office is not unanimous, in particular the United States, where an outbreak of positive cases Covid-19 in the South and the West alarm the health authorities.

A dozen elected hispanics in Congress were clamoring – in vain – for its cancellation, holding that the entry into force of the new treaty, which replaces and modernizes the Nafta, which entered into force in 1994, was only a pretext.

For them, the real goal of the president is to distract attention from the crisis of the coronavirus” and to conceal “its failure to respond adequately to the pandemic”.

Number of opposition figures mexican have, for their part, forcefully denounced this move, some saw it as a form of capitulation.

“This is a visit unnecessary, which involves many risks and no benefit to Mexico”, said to AFP the former foreign minister of mexico Jorge Castañeda.

“Contempt of science”

The leader of mexico has him put forward what he considers to be a change of tone of the tenant of the White House.

“The president’s comments Trump with respect to Mexico are more respectful than before,” he said, expressing his gratitude.

In the countryside, in 2018, he had promised to stand up to a billionaire republican installed in the White House.

“If (Donald Trump) is launching a tweet is offensive, I will take it upon myself to respond to him,” he started. “I believe he will understand that he must be moderate, it should not be offensive to the people of Mexico.”

For the historian, the mexican Enrique Krauze, the encounter between the two men, who have in particular in common, “contempt of science” and are customary attacks against the press, will create an enduring resentment in the two countries.

“We do not forget them by the reverence of Mr. Lopez Obrador in the face of a man who has disparaged”, he wrote in a column published in the New York Times.

“And the democrats, americans will not forget the service that makes Mr. Lopez Obrador to a president who has done so much harm”.

Image-conscious president little extravagant, the mexican president arrived Tuesday night in Washington by flying commercial.

A noteworthy fact: he wore a mask on board the plane. Donald Trump has, to this day, never been seen with a mask in public.

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