Tuna sold at auction for 369,000 Canadian dollars in Tokyo

A tuna auctioned for C$369,000 in Tokyo< /p> UPDATE DAY

A 212-kilo bluefin tuna sold for 36 million yen (C$369,000) at a traditional New Year's Eve auction in Tokyo on Thursday, a price almost twice as high than in 2022. 

The prestigious sushi restaurant Onodera Group and the Japanese wholesaler Yamayuki won the day, as in last year's edition.

The sharp increase over one year reflects an improvement in the market trend, after three years of falling prices due to the pandemic, which particularly weighed on the Japanese restaurant sector.

But the absolute record for this tuna auction, reached in 2019 before the pandemic (333 million yen, or 3 871 865 Canadian dollars at the time), is still a long way off.

The self-proclaimed “Tuna King” Kiyoshi Kimura has long reigned over this symbolic event and giving the winner strong publicity, and it is this restaurateur who who paid the record price in 2019.

But in recent years, Mr. Kimura has been less spendthrift, citing the pandemic.