Tunes vacation in the North

Des airs de vacances dans le Nord

By closing the eyes, on the terrace of a restaurant in Saint-Sauveur, I am almost able to forget the long weeks of confinement the last few months.

I dreaded to find myself alone in the heart of the Moe’s St-Sauveur for his first day of reopening on Monday. To my surprise, the many terraces of the city were already busy even before dinner time.

Couples and families, visibly glad to find a semblance of normality, sirotaient alcoholic beverages with the legs in the sun. My table-mates have even celebrated their first outing gourmet with a shooter of circumstance.

From my side, I raised high my glass of water to that great moment of freedom. I have often opted for delivery during the pandemic. However, it is a great pleasure to enjoy a dish right out of the kitchens, which has not lost its plume during the transport.

Notable changes

Despite the limited seating, it only took a few minutes to find a free table in one of the many establishments open. After a wash all over the furniture, I was able to sit down in the sun on the terrace decorated with balloons for the occasion.

Some of the details differ greatly from one output in a traditional restaurant. It provides the ketchup in a small plastic container rather than in a bottle on the table, and the menu of the paper is to be used only once. I decided to keep mine as a souvenir of this exceptional output.

It must also be used to see the staff fully-equipped with shields, masks and gloves. My waitress I was, moreover, repeated several times, laughing at how his new attire gave him hot under the sun.

Apart from these notable differences, the experience proves to be strangely normal. I had anticipated the re-opening of restaurants with impatience and I was not disappointed.

-Moe’s St-Sauveur


-12: 30 pm

-Quesadillas vegetarian

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